Using Magento CMS for blogging

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Why blogging is important?

The role of media has rapidly changing. A simple ad in the newspaper or commercial on television is not enough in today’s digital age; that is why blogging has become integral in the marketing sphere. With the internet enabling massive user-generated content, being able to publish a message clearly and easily online is crucial.

Magento CMS

Introducing the Magento CMS and it’s extensions, effective management tools to cater to the growing needs in this technological age.

Magento is a software developing company creating business instruments catered to the digital market. It is a platform written in PHP, open-sourced. Big names (ex. eBay) have invested in this e-commerce brand, assuring users the best quality products.

Extensions are like plug-ins in which they are software used to improve the original experience of the user. An example of a highly rated Magento extension which will turn Magento CMS into blogging platform is Blog Pro.

Make Blogging Better with Blog Pro

The Blog Pro tool, developed by MagPleasure, is not the average run of the mill blog extension, it is a tool specifically crafted to help users optimize their content for business. Marketers will have a comfortable time using Blog Pro with its streamlined user-interface for making a better blogging experience. Aside from the tool’s SEO optimization, Blog Pro also has a handy WYSIWYG Editor for easier blog customization.

It’s ability to construct layouts efficiently, without any hassle, only adds for a more enjoyable user experience. In addition, widgets can be utilized on one’s blog to bring more life to it! Additionally, no blog can get big if navigating through the site is tedious. A personalized search setting can also be added.

Build a Community

Any blogger would tell you that catering to their audience is hard yet essential to their line of work. With the Blog Pro Magento extension, engaging with one’s readers becomes more accessible. Comments give so much to a content creator. This feedback can help make a better blog.

Replying to readers is also an effective way to build a dedicated community. Blog Pro aid bloggers in creating a bigger audience yet keeping the old ones entertained with its integrated admin tools for easy comment editing and replying. There is even an auto-approve function for comments so manually filtering them does not have to be done.

Go Magento with Blog Pro Now

What are you waiting for? Go try out these Magento + Blog Pro now! Whether you’re a business interested in upgrading your website or a humble blogger trying to widen their audience, Magento has an extension for you.

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